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Professionals – Don’t Seek Relationships!

Are you a professional? Seeking love, or relationships perhaps?

Relationships require hard work. Here at Prospr we understand that you have a degree for a reason and you have a career to build and maintain. Quite understandably, this takes up a lot of time, leaving you with very limited time to find love. Not to mention to seek relationships.

Not to worry!

Know that you have all the tools literally at your fingertips. You just have to make it happen. Taking action is simpler with Prospr than it ever has been.

“What you seek, is seeking you” – Rumi

Often times professionals have the excuse of not having time. However, that is not just an excuse. The real issue is that they do not know what they seek, they do not know what exactly is missing. Professionals have their professional life figured, not their love life. The first step is to think about your values, how much time are you willing to dedicate to seeking love and a relationship. Decide on these first, because it will make the whole process much easier, less confusing and more rewarding. Then, simply expand your limitations – they might tell you there are plenty of fish in the ‘sea’, but if you limit yourself to an aquarium the fish you seek you won’t find.

Prospr Gets You…

We understand. This can still be daunting and if you do not have the time because you have left over tasks from yesterday or there is just a never-ending queue of jobs to do, sitting down to think about your values and a relationship is just not possible. That is why you can start just signing up to make acquaintances. True, the best way to do that is in person – but we all know that sometimes that is just not possible. That is where we can help.

Perhaps change your motive: go out there not seeking love or seeking a relationship straightaway. Start by seeking new friendship, meeting like-minded people who will share your ideas and values, regarding work, business, education and leisure. Once you build that network, you will find that connections with high-value individuals who match your level of intellect, education and career will seek you out. The bonus is that it all happens without too much work on your part. There are many educated, high-profile professionals like yourself out there – men and women seeking other professionals but finding it difficult due to career commitments.

find your love

Remember, you can meet your partner anywhere, and it doesn’t matter where, you just have to create an opportunity for them to seek you out.

Prospr is the perfect opportunity and it is simple too! All you have to do is submit an application. Thanks to this process, we ensure that only like-minded, professional, educated and well-mannered individuals’ profiles are hosted on our platform, ready for you to meet them! Better yet, we make it easier than ever to strike up a conversation! All of our members are required to ‘set a question’ for their profiles, and prior to Liking each other, you need to answer it. The conversation will flow before you know it.

If all you need to do, is meet people, make it simple. Meet in a no-pressure environment.  All you need to do is create ONE opportunity for them to seek you out, what are you still waiting for?

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